Our Team

Would we call the Surplus Giant team a professional crew of techie nerds who know way too much about electronics and wholesale distribution?

Yes. Yes, we would. And here’s the chance for the world to meet our crew.
We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. Above all, we strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

David Alan Doran


David is the CEO of Surplus Giant and supervises all strategic and business aspects of the company. David is the first in command in the company and is responsible for strategic direction as well as continuing to create Surplus Giant's vision for success.

David has 27+ years of experience in the wholesale industry. Previous to Surplus Giant, he was the owner of another organization in the closeout industry. Now, he is grateful to work with an excellent team and be able to put customers as #1!

David received a degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing from Erie College.

Justin Nearing


Justin is President of Surplus Giant. He is responsible for overseeing the team, ensuring everyone reaches team and individual goals. Additionally, he is responsible for vendor relationships, business development, market expansion, policy creation and implementation, and strategic growth planning.

Previous to Surplus Giant, Justin led sales at Hair Club for Men. He also implemented training programs and special projects at the company. Justin has 12+ years of experience in the wholesale industry.

Justin graduated from Indian River State College.

Nancy R. Landau

Director of Inventory & Logistics

Nancy is responsible for inventory management and logistics. She acts as the right hand to the CEO and a team liaison.

Nancy has been in the wholesale industry since the 1970's, and has worked for Surplus Giant since 2008.

Jonathan Clough

Sales Executive & Trade Show Coordinator

Jonathan is a sales executive at Surplus Giant, along with being responsible for trade show coordination.

Previous to Surplus Giant, Jonathan was the Director of Sales and Marketing for Advanced Hair Products. In his current position at Surplus Giant, Jonathan strives to ensure that every 'giant client' gets treated with the best service, care, and attention. He is committed to providing the best products and deals at the very best price!

Jonathan received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida State University.

Leo Gale


Leo has 25+ years of experience in the wholesale industry. Previous to Surplus Giant, he worked as Assistant Controller at JKG Group.

Ron Schwartz

Opportunity Buyer

Ron has 25+ years of experience in the wholesale industry. As Opportunity Buyer for Surplus Giant, he is always looking to buy!

Ira Fox

Sales Executive

Ira is in Sales for Surplus Giant.

With 20+ years of experience in the wholesale industry, his goal is to provide outstanding value and customer service to every person he does business with.

Ira graduated from the University of Miami.

Nicole Andrews


Nicole is responsible for sales and buying for Surplus Giant.

Previous to Surplus Giant, she was a National Account Manager with Lacoste for fourteen years. Now, she is grateful to love her job and the people she works with, locating new brands and interesting products for Surplus Giant to sell.

Nicole attended NYU and received a certification in health and life coaching from IIN.

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